The Raphaelyn Foundation Inc is located in Paynesville City in Liberia (West Africa) and is the primary charity that we support. Please see their 2020 plans in the section below.

Although the volunteers of the Foundation have been working for many years to assist their local communities, their organisation was informal and lacked an international reach in terms of fund-raising.

In 2019, we got this Not-For-Profit Charity registered in Liberia to help improve its reach in terms of fund-raising opportunities. We still have a long way to travel to achieve the 10-year objectives of this charity.

Please learn more about the work of this Foundation and if possible assist it by visiting its website at https://trf-inc.org and donating. Alternatively you can donate through GoFundMe via  http://bit.ly/39ftPVa 

Raphaelyn's outline of plans for 2020 (and beyond) is contained in the section that follows. Having been privileged to be invited to be the Chair of the Foundation, I'd urge you to do whatever you possibly can do to assist the work of these wonderful people working their hardest in Liberia.

Every assistance, whether large or small is gratefully received by the Foundation. If circumstance do not permit you to donate, we understand but would be most grateful if you'd alert other people to the work of the Foundation which is expected to expand over the coming years and decades.

Other Charities

Each of us has limited resources, so as much as we'd wish otherwise, we need to contain our giving to a limited number of organisations.

Other charities to which we direct funds in Australia inlcude - 

+ The Salvation Army - https://www.salvationarmy.org.au/donate/make-a-donation/donate-online/

+ The Smith Family -  https://www.thesmithfamily.com.au/donate 

+ The Returned Services League -  http://rslnational.org/support/donate/ 

+ The Starlight Foundation -  https://starlight.org.au/donate/ 

+ The Police Citizens Youth Clubs -  https://www.pcycnsw.org.au/donations/ 

There are others who receive periodic donations from us also. If you are not living in Australia, then we'd urge you to find similar or another charity in your country and help them to help others. You might be able also to volunteer some of your time to assist their work.


We are all more dependent on each other than many people realise. As you grow in helping other people you'll learn just how interdependent we are on this Third Rock from the Sun and its peoples.


Founder of The Raphaelyn Foundation Inc & the Executive Director (ExecDir) of the Foundation


I may look relaxed, but our 10-year plan starts this year – it starts NOW! In fact, it has started already late last year in our enquiries and planning!

It’s a bit scary in its size for all of us. So, we need to break it into bite-sized pieces and chew away at it until its digested and accomplished.

For some years team members, now formally members of The Raphaelyn Foundation Inc, have sought food donations and/or money (to buy food) for disadvantaged people in our communities – whether young struggling mothers, elderly people or others suffering in some way that makes life very tough for them.

I’m so proud of my team of wonderful people who have helped so many. And I’m privileged to be a member of the team with them - equals sharing the work among us.

This year we begin our journey into food production to be able to help the people we are already helping and to help many more. Our aim is to be able to give out US$2.5 million worth of food annually to those in need by 2030. Included in that expanded group will be the Love A Child Orphanage, so disastrously affected by fire burning its dormitories in January 2020. Please continue to help our efforts to help them.

For some weeks now we’ve been searching for suitable arable land to begin a farm for food production. We’ve driven, ridden and walked great distances in our search – included below are some pictures from our searching earlier this month. While we still have several options to explore, we need your help to buy the land and the means (in farming equipment and ancillary items) to buy, plant and cultivate seeds and plants that will bring us to plentiful annual harvests.

This year also, at the very least, we want to double the number of students we sponsor into education. Last year we started with five (5) students. This year at least ten (10) more students hopefully will be able to join in the school program. Education helps break the poverty cycle and the degradation of our communities that poverty often brings.

Our plans for self-sustainable communities in Liberia over the next ten years are huge and in some ways frightening. But we believe we are better off aiming big and falling (slightly) short than simply achieving smaller goals when we could do better. Please see our 10-year Charter (separate page on this website) that’s included into our registered charity organization.

Will you help us, please? We’d love for you to come with us on this journey … this new mighty adventure … for The Raphaelyn Foundation Inc and help us to be the very best we can be as an NGO Charity in Liberia.

You can help us in many ways, such as – 

     · Raising awareness about us on social media or via GoFundMe sharing at http://bit.ly/39ftPVa

     · Promoting us to your fans, family, friends and followers via GoFundMe  http://bit.ly/39ftPVa 

     · Donating at https://trf-inc.org/shop or through GoFundMe via http://bit.ly/39ftPVa

     · Keeping us in your prayers and thoughts as you talk to other people. 

PLEASE take ACTION today to help us help others.

Thank you for taking ACTION … and, may your life be blessed with hope and fulfilment.


Raphaelyn C N Bomosy

Executive Director